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A Long List of Crutch Word Examples

Crutch or filler words are commonly used words or phrases that can hamper or help writing. Crutch words are words that we use to give us time to think about what we want to write or say. Crutch words can make our witting more originally us, show off how human we are, or they can clutter up the page and make the reader want to tear their hair out. If you want to find out how to manage your crutch words, use them to better develop characters, and learn to love them, check out Crutch Words, The Um, So Actually. Crutch Words Aren't Evil, So What Are They?

A list of commonly used crutch words to look out for in your own writing:

  • A Bit

  • A Little Bit

  • Absolutely

  • Actually

  • Almost

  • Anyway

  • Appears

  • As Though

  • At some point

  • Awesome

  • Basically

  • Beginning to

  • Certainly

  • Decide

  • Definite

  • Definitely

  • Er

  • Essentially

  • Fantastic

  • Got

  • Great

  • Honestly

  • Hopefully

  • I guess

  • Just

  • Like

  • Like I was Saying

  • Literally

  • Look

  • Nearly

  • Nevertheless

  • Obviously

  • Often

  • Particularly

  • Positively

  • Quite

  • Rather

  • Realize

  • Really

  • Right

  • Seems

  • Seriously

  • Shrugged

  • Slightly

  • So

  • Somehow

  • Super

  • Totally

  • Um

  • Very

  • Well

  • Wonder

  • You get the idea

  • You know

Or grab this cheatsheet of Crutch Words

list of crutch words for writers. illustration. cheat sheet


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