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Katherine M Kennedy is a professional content creator, ghostwriter, SEO enthusiast, and soon-to-be author. She has five dogs, more books, and a love of reading and writing. She also wrote this in the third person. She will now change to first person, breaking all the rules like a rebel.


About My Writing Blog

As a kid, I never clocked that tearing through six books in one night was unusual. I assumed everyone did much the same. Staying up all night reading might not have done much for school marks—except English which was a breeze—it’s paying off now. I’ve been studying my whole life—I just didn’t realize it.


I love researching. As a proud generalist, I find almost any topic interesting and tend to fall into research rabbit holes, emerging hours later, dazed, confused about where the hours went but happy with my newfound knowledge. When I decided to take my many years of reading and try and write my own book, I fell down the writer’s rabbit hole, watching hours of BookTube content and reading so many writing blogs and Reddit posts that my eyes burnt. 


Years later, I find myself in possession of all this hard-won writer’s knowledge and no one to share it with, thus the blog side of my website. Writing is a tricky subject. Nothing is one hundred percent certain; everything is a maybe, and that’s what makes it so interesting. As I wandered around my rabbit hole, I kept note of the various questions I had to take to Google, the questions I wanted answers to. And now I’m sharing the answers with anyone who cares to listen on my blog. It’s a selfish pursuit. I want more books to read, so I want to help and encourage the writers there.



SEO—Search Engine Optimization


I might have fallen in love with SEO. An unusual take, I’m aware. Prior to my career in content writing, I didn’t even know SEO existed, and now I’m obsessed with it. Much like writing, it’s a vague field. You never quite know what it wants, while I just want to make it happy. I’m still trying to pinpoint precisely what makes it such a fascinating concept. Why is it so fun to try and win over an algorithm with the right words? 


I’ve always enjoyed researching. Typing the right question into the google search bar and getting the result you were looking for is a wonderful feeling. Trying out different keywords, reframing the question, and following paths, until you get to the bottom of fake news and interesting facts is just fun. SEO is the other side of the coin; it’s trying to find the right words to help other searchers. It all comes full circle. We are the customer and supplier. Who couldn’t love that? And now, I maintain a blog, and I’m getting to know every side of the story. I maintain the SEO side of my blog for SEO purposes but also because I have the information, I’m always finding more and like to share.


Speaking of SEO, let’s keep my own site SEO up with a list of some of the content types I offer:

  • Blogs

  • Articles

  • Web Content

  • Bios and profiles

  • Editing

  • Proofreading


Content Writer


On my quest to write a book I would want to read, I stumbled into content writing. A side hustle that quickly became a career that I am keenly enthusiastic about. Content writing is an interesting profession. Whether it’s a simple 500-word services page, a bio that shows off your personality and skillset, or a casual blog post, I like writing them all. 


When I first started content writing, it was primarily for voiceover artists. I have absolutely no idea how that happened. I had almost no insight into the life and career of voiceover artists, but somehow, I was writing web pages and blogs for them. Thankfully I am a big fan of animated content, which gave me a jumping-off point that I knew something about. Of course, most of the content I wrote was about medical and corporate voiceover, which is not the same as Death Note, South Park, and Archer. Still, the slightest connection can make a bridge, and the next thing I was falling down the rabbit hole. Want to talk about walla, reverb, dubbing versus revoicing, and the importance of microphone placement? I’m your girl.


Bios and Profiles


Bios are interesting because people often can’t see their unique value. They don’t recognize all the bits and pieces of their lives that add up to something unique and different. I love writing bios. There is something so satisfying about taking a bunch of muddled half-notions, previous jobs, and new passions and combing them together until they paint a complete picture of who the person is and what they have to offer. Bios and profiles are often the smallest projects I work on, a quick 500, but they create the most anxiety and excitement for me. With so few words, they say much. They are important.


About Me


Living in sunny South Africa, I connect to content seekers across the globe via email and zoom, which makes everything seamless and straightforward. The Corporate world was my home for many years, working on financial regulatory projects, so I understand timelines and corporate speak. I wish I was more of a lackadaisical creative, but I’m not, which is my loss. Instead, I speak flight plans, Steering Committees, project charters, and agile methodologies. 


I’m currently in the process of finalizing my own 110 000-word fiction book. Sweat and literal tears have gone into it, and I’m both proud and terrified.

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