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SEO Content Writing Services

Search Engine Optimization, it can sound terrifying and sometimes even unnecessary. Overly complex and frustrating. It doesn't need to be. SEO can be simple. Katherine Kennedy takes the content off your plate so you can focus on what you do best. It's a team effort, but one where you get what you need quickly and effectively. Everyone is different, we all have different needs, and Kath looks to fit your timelines and requirements. 


With Katherine Kennedy's SEO content writing, you can:

  • Targets search engine crawls and human readers

  • Leverages off valuable keywords to inform your quality content

  • Avoid keyword stuffing

  • Captures your voice and the spirit of your site

  • Tailor your content to your needs

  • Utilize white hat SEO that improves long-term strategies rather than quick wins

  • Work with a content writer who will listen to your needs and adjust according to your strategies


The Google Algorithm and You


Sites like Google use a secret algorithm that they regularly change and update. From a search engine point of view, their algorithm is designed to deliver the best possible search results and experience to online users. From a business's point of view, we try to convince Google's algorithm that your site is relevant. No one has a complete handle on how the algorithm works, but we have some ideas on how web crawlers utilize keywords and web crawlers. 


The more advanced the google algorithm gets, the more important the quality paired with the relevance of a website's content becomes. Search engines want to perform their service to the best of their ability. Too many keywords and text readability diminishes. Too few, and the algorithm won't be able to pinpoint precisely what your website is about. It's a delicate balancing act. It's kind of awesome.


Search Engines Love Engaging, Quality Content


At a surface level, SEO is all about the search engine—it's in the name, after all— but the search engine algorithms are all about the reader, the customer. Short cuts don't work. Keyword stuffing doesn't work. Search engines like Google are savvy to any trick and have optimized their algorithm to de-rank poorly written content, plagiarisms, keyword stuffing, and content mills. Contrary to many claims, SEO writing isn't highly complex. All the SEO tricks in the world won't make up for poor writing. And sites like Google might penalize your site for keyword stuffing. Keywords are not the priority and should only be used if they don't impact the quality of the content.


Engaging content that Brings your Ideas and Voice to the Internet  


You can supply your keywords and topics, or Katherine will help you find the best content for your brand or business. Every website, blog, company, and person is different, and it's those differences that will make your content shine. Maybe you have a plan and need someone to help you implement it. Or perhaps you are lost and need some help to navigate the sometimes overwhelming world of content and SEO. Kath's goal is to get your ideas and skills out there, to bring your voice to the world, and to help you feel secure in the words attached to your name. 


Kath offers a wide range of services and is interested to find out more about your needs. 

  • Bio's, genre pages, and blogs that showcase your services, personality, and the unique skills that only you can bring to the table.

  • Articles and blogs that encourage engagement, increase clicks and views

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